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  1. Description of product and its value proposition
  2. Technical details:
    1. Technical infrastructure required to support the product (could be in form of a picture)
    2. Tech stack used
    3. How do you work with data safety?
    4. What do you need from Uralchem to technically launch your product?
  3. Information on how your solution could benefits your clients. What business parameters it affects and how? Cases (if available) and results of implementing your product for other clients
  4. Competitor analysis
  5. Examples of your clients (Russia/CIS/other countries)
  6. Your offer to URALCHEM:
    1. Estimated time required for launching (or your usual range and on what it depends)
    2. Estimated price (or your usual range and on what it depends)
    3. Estimated result (what will happen/change)
    4. Your business model with clients (ex.SaaS)
  7. Startup managing team
  8. Any other information you find important